God puts great dreams in the hearts of men.  We have great dreams ourselves.  In His time, in His plan, in His way we pray our dreams come true.  That you are reading this at all means He is working wondrous miracles.

Welcome to the homepage of actor and musician Alistair McKenzie, aka Richard McKenzie. We hope you find joy in the music and website.  Sample the songs at ‘Buy Music Here’, formerly ‘Discography’.

The link to purchase is just up there under, “Buy Music Here.”  No, it wasn’t always that obvious.   Apparently, I took much for granted.  A number of people asked, “How do I buy your CD from your website?”  Mea culpa for the confusion. Thank you for the feedback.  Hopefully this makes it crystal clear.    I appreciate you all.  Thank you.  Thank you!

We ask your help for our tour schedule.  Drop us a line.  Let us know what you would like.

Check back often for new releases and the latest news.